The European Iron Club exists to foster communication and collaboration among biomedical scientists and clinicians whose work is concerned with iron. Europe-based research groups cover a wide variety of iron-related topics, ranging from iron biochemistry to the genetics of iron metabolism and the treatment of iron-associated human diseases.

The traditional ethos of the European Iron Club is to generate a relaxed, open environment to encourage the development of young researchers and the forging of worthwhile links between iron scientists.

The European Iron Club generally hosts meetings on an annual basis, which consist of a mixture of scientific presentations and informal discussion and social gatherings. Exceptions are those years when the International BioIron Society holds a congress in a European location; at such BioIron meetings, the EIC stages a cocktail party.

Since the 2006 EIC meeting in Barcelona, Haemochromatosis patients have become more and more part of the iron-community and attend and contribute extensively to our meetings. An official association between the European Federation of Associations of Patients with Haemochromatosis (EFAPH) and the EIC was formally ratified at the EIC meeting in M√ľnster 2017. The EIC is delighted to be able work together with EFAPH. The EFAPH logo is proudly displayed here on our homepage.

If you would like to become a member of the EIC, contact the Secretary:
Dr Hal Drakesmith

Email: alexander.drakesmith@ndm.ox.ac.uk

Please explore this website to find out more about the European Iron Club.